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About CCES


Mission Statement  

The mission of the Crawford County School System is to provide our students with the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential to be successful members of their community.

We Believe

Crawford County Elementary School will provide learning experiences that will enable its students to become academically successful, develop positive self-concepts, learn acceptable social behavior, and enhance aesthetic appreciation.

We believe:

  •    Every child should have the opportunity to do what he or she wants to do when he/she graduates high school.
  •    Our teachers and staff genuinely care about student success.
  •    Public education can break the cycle of poverty.
  •    Teachers and staff should have the opportunity for professional growth.
  •    Our leaders have a responsibility to foster an environment for learning and growth for students and staff.
  •    Students and staff must feel safe in order for learning to take place.
  •    The relationship between the teacher/student (families) is as important as the lessons being taught.
  •    Partnering with our stakeholders will enhance our educational and economic opportunities.


Our School

Crawford County Elementary School is a small-town, rural school located in the city of Roberta, Georgia. In our more than 80,000 square foot facility, we serve approximately 375 third, fourth, and fifth grade students utilizing tried and true methods of instruction as well as the latest technological advancements. Our current facility was dedicated in 2001 as CCMS and is now being transformed into the new CCES. CCES is accredited by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and CASI (Council on Accreditation and School Improvement), which are both divisions of AdvancEd. 

In addition to an awesome academic program, CCES offers social activities and clubs that will assist in providing our students with a diverse educational experience. Our primary objective is to employ the best instructional practices, meet students where they are and help them to grow, and prepare our students to meet the challenges of 21st-century society. There are more than 50 dedicated staff members whose endeavor is to meet the needs of our students each day in an effort to improve and increase their options in life. We, at Crawford County Elementary School, will RISE UP to help every student be successful.